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About Us

Who Are We?

We are a local business, based at TopUp, Dublin Road, Belfast, and at St George’s Market, Belfast. We sell falafel, freshly cooked and served in warm homemade pitta pockets or wraps with our healthy salads, toppings and sauces.

Why Falafel?

We first discovered the delights of a good falafel sandwich in Paris’s rue des Rosiers, where a cluster of family-run Middle Eastern restaurants has been making and selling fresh falafel for years. It was so good that, every time we visited Paris, we had to go back. In fact, we found ourselves on the lookout for high-quality falafel wherever we travelled. Amsterdam, Barcelona, London . . . why not Belfast?

Eating Well Without Meat

We believe that vegetarian food should be more than just a dull, boring afterthought on a meat-based menu. We know that veggies and vegans deserve tasty, satisfying food. Our menu is built around healthy meals that anyone can eat. We have plenty of gluten-free options and everything we make except our (optional) tzatziki sauce is also suitable for vegans.

And we’re always changing and expanding our selection of salads and toppings to keep our regulars on their toes!