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Our Food

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What Is Falafel?

In the Middle East, falafel is everywhere . . . and everyone eats it. And no wonder – it’s a tasty, healthy, affordable fast food. Prepared using ground chickpeas, garlic, herbs and spices, falafel is traditionally served in pitta bread with salads and sauces.

Our falafel balls are cooked before your eyes, so you’ll always get them at their crispiest. We’ve worked hard to perfect the recipe and we’ve made it our own. We believe ours is the lightest, tastiest falafel in Belfast.

We make our pitta bread from scratch every day. Come early to Belfalafel @ TopUp to get a pitta fresh out of the oven.

Salads, Sauces and Toppings

Salads and toppings are an integral part of the Belfalafel experience – not just an accompaniment. All our salads are carefully selected, freshly prepared and dressed only in a little lemon juice. Don’t forget our aubergines, grilled with garlic and olive oil until they melt in the mouth.

Our sauces are homemade with the best ingredients – fresh cucumber, mint and yoghurt for our tzatziki; sesame-seed paste, olive oil and lemon juice for our tahini sauce; tomatoes, peppers and red chilli for our chilli vinaigrette. All our falafels are served with hummus for an extra chickpea and garlic hit. Try some for free at our stall, but be quick! It runs out fast.

Not Just for Vegetarians

Falafel is a protein-rich, high-fibre meal. It’s made from chickpeas, which are low in fat and packed with vitamins. They may even help to lower cholesterol. When you add our fresh salads and sauces, you’re getting up to four of your five daily portions of fruit and veg in one tasty meal!

And it’s not just for vegetarians. In fact, even though all the food we serve at Belfalafel is 100% meat free, we’re not vegetarians ourselves . . . we just love falafel!

If you're spending a lazy weekend morning enjoying the buzz of St George's Market, try a falafel wrap for breakfast. It makes a great energy-boosting alternative to the breakfast bap.